I cheated a bit, Barbara

gillianknits.comI decided to skip ahead in the book to Christmas Trees, pg 203 for two reasons.  First, I thought they would work on this hat, and second, I am not sure what time of year it will be when I get to them legitimately, so I might as well use them at a seasonally appropriate time i.e. now.  I have not done anything else in the lace chapter yet.  I am actually thinking of making a subsidiary set of arbitrary rules to cover that chapter anyway.  It starts with umpteen variations of faggoting, so I think skip ahead and then use the faggoting as filler in the projects as I go through the rest of the lace stitches.  I have to do something with lace soon because I am going to the Chesterville Spin-In in February and the theme this year is lace.  gillianknits.com

I also used Wave Cable, pg 245.gillianknits.com


2 thoughts on “I cheated a bit, Barbara

  1. Carole C.

    Another great hat Gillian. I always look forward to seeing the wonderful designs that are created at the top…it shows your terrific skill and attention to detail.


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