Can’t really see the shadow boxes without blocking, Barbara

gillianknits.comAlthough Alan claims they do add something to the appearance.  You have to look upward from the bottom to see them.  gillianknits.comThis hat uses Shadow Box Pattern, pg 71 and Bulky Double Cable, pg 243.  The shadow box pattern tends to scrunch up because of the slip stitches which are being pulled up three rows.  You do wrap twice around and drop the wrap, but it still pulls up.  The knitting would have to be blocked to expose the red.  I am not sure I want to do that because for me, blocking tends to flatten things out so you lose the elasticity.  This is fine for a lace shawl or something, but i am often not a fan of blocking.  Serious knitters feel free to gasp.  I put the i-cord rose on the top to bring the red (which had basically disappeared in the shadow boxes) back into the hat to make it at least a little bit

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