Winter has finally arrived, Barbara

Today from our upstairs window

Today from our upstairs window

Winter is just a couple of days late and a few dollars short for Christmas.  I have done some knitting over the holidays as I sat around with the extended family.   My sister Felicity is big into helping a Syrian refugee family settle into her home town.  They are knitting 8″ squares which will be made into afghans for the new arrivals.  I did a square using the Bowknot Stitch, pg 133.gillianknits.comWhen I made Laura her shawl on her birthday, she asked for a headband and picked out a couple of stitches from the cable chapter.  Getting up to the right stitches is one of the reasons I did so many cables on the Christmas hats.  The headband has a Plait Cable , pg 244 flanked by two Little Plait Cables, pg 245.

My sister Penny is Laura’s mother and I had given her a hat and mitt set a while ago.  She found the hat too big around the hat band part, so I made her a new one.  I did the band first using Inverted Gull Stitch flanked by two Gull Stitch repeats, pg 248.  I picked up from the top of the band and continued up in Yarn Over Check, pg 70 and finished it off with an i-cord rose.  The new hat is not an exact match to the mitts like the old one, but I hope it is close enough.

…btw I used Rickrack Pattern, pg 119 and Elongated Chain Cable, pg 246 on the last Christmas hat I showed on Christmas Day.  There was a lot going on when I was writing the post so I forgot.


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