One for my Grandniece, Barbara

I cast on too few stitches and it became apparent that this could not be an adult hat without severely distorting the stitches.  I decided to end it early and make it a childs hat.  I swung by my niece Cate’s house and delivered it on my way out of town the other day.

Arya got a new hat...

Arya got a new hat…

I used 102 stitches and Striped Quilting Pattern, pg 72.  I used four points of decrease and decreased two stitches every other row three times in each 8 row pattern

6 thoughts on “One for my Grandniece, Barbara

  1. Heather Oakley

    Hey Gillian! It looks like you had a family-filled Christmas – the best kind! Did I tell you I have a great-nephew? He is about 20 months old and only seems to say “oh, no” and “nana”! I am working at the moment at Shirley’s Bay (way out the west end of Carling Avenue) but only started 2 weeks before Christmas. Hope all is well and I am still amazed at your hat-making abilities!


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