I felt like I was dialling this one in, Barbara

gillianknits,comI just looked at the stitch and automatically made the hat.  I did change one thing this time, and that was I cast on fewer stitches (96) for the 4 rows of garter stitch at the bottom than I needed for the body of the hat (108).  I have found that if you don’t do this, there is a tendency for it to flip up.  This hat uses Interlocking Lattice, pg 278.  I decided on 108 stitches because this is 18 repeats of the 6 stitch pattern.  This way, I could decrease above 6 of the little intersections (every third one).  I did a p2tog on top the intersection, then p2 tog on either side above this one two rows later and two rows after that.  gillianknits.comBy this time, the patterns had joined back up with one stitch between, I did a sl 1, k2tog, psso to join them up, then p2tog on each side of this two rows later and two rows after that.  I kept decreasing vigourously at this point and finished up at 6 stitches before running my tail through and pulling it up.gillianknits.comAfter taking the pictures for the post, I was unhappy with the top and may have re-jigged it a bit, unfortunately, I had done such a great job at burying my ends that I couldn’t repick it.  I would have carried the 6 knit stitches I got from knitting above the last 6 intersections up to the top.  This would have given a bit of a star.  Another time, maybe .

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