Barbara Walker Project…first year summary

Wow, it has been a year since I started knitting stuff with the stitches in A Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker.  Today I am not posting anything new, just recapping the progress so far.

  • Chapter 2,  Simple Knit-Purl Combinations:  47 of 67 stitches used
  • Chapter 3, Ribbings:  21of 28 stitches used
  • Chapter 4, Color Change Patterns: 60 of 78 stitches used
  • Chapter 5, Slip-Stitch Patterns: 15 of 49 stitches used
  • Chapter 6, Twist Stitch Patterns: 14 of 24 stitches used
  • Chapter 7, Fancy Texture Patterns: 7 of 33 stitches used
  • Chapter 8, Patterns Made With Yarn-Over Stitches: 3 of 36 stitches used
  • Chapter 9, Eyelet Patterns: 6 of 35 stitches used
  • Chapter 10, Lace: 1 of 107 stitches used (this is my year 3 project)
  • Chapter 11, Cables: 16 of 57 stiches used
  • Chapter 12, Cable-Stitch Patterns: 13 of 30 stitches used

This means I have used 203 of 544 stitches.  If I manage to keep going like this, I will be finished, as planned, in 2018.  For the most part, I am liking the project.  I love the endless discovery of knitted fabric with all its texture and colour.

These stitches went into 96 projects, all of which I designed using stitches from the book

  • 83 hats
  • 3 pairs of mitts
  • 2 baby sweaters
  • one cowl
  • one headband
  • one pair of socks
  • some doll house stuff (two blankets and 3 pillows)

I guess I wasn’t kidding when I named this blog.  Gillian does knit mostly hats!


6 thoughts on “Barbara Walker Project…first year summary

  1. NancyMac

    I am amazed at your dedication!!! I see how many things you have learned from this exercise and I have learned some through watching your endeavours. Rock On!!!!

  2. Carole C.

    What an accomplishment Gillian. You deserve to be very proud of yourself. I still think you should compile this past year’s projects into a book, since you did adapt all these stitches into your own creations…1 book per year of projects! Immortalize your creations as Barbara did her stitches.


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