A bit of walk round Budapest (well Pest anyway)

We had a plan…go get overnight train tickets to Ljubljana, Slovenia, then walk round killing time till then. Turns out there is no overnight train so we took the subway 9 stops to the bus station to find the next bus is Tuesday.  We returned to the train station and bought overnight tickets to Belgrade instead and went for the walk.IMG_20160325_144115
We thought this was the opera house, but it turns out it was only AN opera house around the corner from the real one.Don Quixote was across the street.IMG_20160325_144400
We found the real one IMG_20160325_145416
The front had lots of adds so i took a picture of the roofline. Then we continuef on to St. Stephen’s Basilica:IMG_20160325_150202
Then the Grand Synagogue:IMG_20160325_153450
Next up..the market…really nice oneIMG_20160325_161302
Coukdn’t get a good picture outside…maybe when I come back. It is right beside the Danube IMG_20160325_161947
Then we walked back past the Parliament buildingsIMG_20160325_172531
And that’s all she wrote.

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