A bit of Barbara in Belgrade

IMG_20160326_151201This is the first project I have finished on the road. Sorry, no good place to take pics.IMG_20160326_151138
We are in Belgrade for the day. We got here on an overnight train. Found accomodation, then went for a walk around their citadel. IMG_20160326_111406
It is a great place, fought over a lot in the past..IMG_20160326_111627
Used as a city park nowIMG_20160326_104147
And with great views of the rivers meetingIMG_20160326_111824
Barbara stuff: Little Herringbone,pg. 98, then Fretwork Pattern, pg. 82

2 thoughts on “A bit of Barbara in Belgrade

  1. Carole C.

    Love the hat Gillian.
    Natasha’s husband Stevan immigrated from there with his parents and sister…they loved it there, just not the politics.
    Enjoy reading your posts…hope your brother is feeling better.
    Happy Easter


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