Setting a gruelling pace

Even with the hiccups at the beginning of the trip, we are more than making progress. This morning we woke up in Pristina, Kosovo, yesterday morning it was Belgrade, Serbia and now we are in Skopje, Macedonia. Granted, they all used to be in Yugoslavia. I think I have convinced Charles to spend at least three nights in Macedonia before heading to Greece. This morning we took a walk before leaving Pristina.IMG_20160328_090420This statue is at the end of Mother Theresa boulevard (she was born 100 km away in Skopje)
IMG_20160328_102031This is the monument symbolizing the new nation after the war
IMG_20160328_103339We went up the clock tower on Mother Theresa Cathedral (only one euro and it has an elevator) and got good views if the city including
IMG_20160328_104101the national library…wierd and wonderful building
IMG_20160328_110541and surely no visit to Pristina would be complete without visiting the Bill Clinton statue on his boulevard, just off George Bush Boulevard.

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