White peacocks

We went on a day trip to the St. Naum monastery. It was a lovely 30 km drive around Lake Ohrid. We were waiting at the bus stop with a woman from China and a taxi driver offered to take us for the same price as the bus. He was a great guy, a font of information and obviously loved talking to foriegners about their homes to get an understanding of the world at large. He met us when we were finished and brought us back too.IMG_20160331_121206it was a lovely setting with lots of peacocks both regular IMG_20160331_122714and white wandering around. A couple of days ago a guy told me they were mating when he was there, but that seemed to be over, sadly.IMG_20160331_122346
There was an old churchIMG_20160331_130340
Nice inside tooIMG_20160331_125806

3 thoughts on “White peacocks

  1. NancyMac

    Thank you for taking us around the world with you…so much to learn about and such beautiful places indeed!

  2. Felicity

    Hey Gil,
    I had never thought of this as an area I must see. Now I see that I must. The blog is great. See you soon and love to our brother.


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