A couple of hats, Barbara

IMG_20160401_075441I have done a couple of hats since I posted the other one. This chinese lady liked this one so I gave it to her. IMG_20160401_075232I cast on 96 stitches and did Welted Leaf Pattern, pg.36, then increased to 116 for the Night and Day Stripe, pg 83. I went back to 96 stitches, did the Welted Leaf again, then decreased 12 stitches every 3rd row to 12 stitches, kept knitting 2 together and ended the 6.IMG_20160401_075354
The other hat started with 96 stitches and the X and Diamond Border, pg 36. I then did Jacob’s Ladder, pg. 33 and Halved Diamond Pattern, pg. 34.IMG_20160401_075259
I did 4 double decreases every other rowIMG_20160401_075331

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