Arrived in Athens

After leaving Ohrid at 10.45 on a bus, we arrived back in Skopje at 3.05IMG_20160401_121435 Yes, we had to double back for political reasons. Macedonia and Greece both want the name, Greece has been vetoing Macedonia entering the EU because they think the name belongs to them. Due to this, bus/train service to Greece is very limited, so you have to go through Skopje. Apparently it is lucky we came south from Serbia to Cosovo. You can’t go the other way because Serbia doesn’t recognize Cosovo…it’s all fun and games…
Anyway we arrived in Skopje at 3.05 and took a bus to Thessaloniki in Greece, at 5 pm.IMG_20160401_165301
We got Thessaloniki at 9.30 pm and got on a train for Athens at 11 pmIMG_20160401_215600we were spit out of the train at 5 am and have landed in a not very nice hostel.

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