Chasing Charles in Athens

I am getting better for walking as the trip wears on, but I am usually like a woman of old.. several paces behind the man. One could do a where’s Waldo type thing in my pictures of my brother’s retreating back. IMG_20160402_152018just below the acropolis yesterday (turns out it closes at 3, so we couldn’t go till today)
IMG_20160403_133858at the acropolis today…etc.
.IMG_20160403_144345 We took the hop on/off bus today. We had done much of the same route on foot yesterday.IMG_20160402_143747 We went slowly yesterday and had a drink on the way uo the hill at a nice rooftop restaurant in the Plaka area which is full of tiny old streets.
The port is several kilometers from the city, so we hadn’t been yesterday. IMG_20160403_121859
It wad nice to see the Mediterranean Sea for the first time on this trip.

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