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Meteora…monastaries in midair

We had a lovely afternoon at Meteora. It is a complex of monastaries on top of huge rock formations.
We took a bus up to the first one, and climbed down then up into it.
When you get to the other side of the chasm, you pass through a metal door, then a tunnel in the cliff face. They were built in the 14th century and back then they really didn’t want visitors. Now they get 3 euros from each one, so they are fine with it.IMG_20160407_143924
We walked a few kilometers along the road that now connects them, very peaceful with mostly just birds and bees and some goats.IMG_20160407_152026
While the walk was lovely, we happily accepted a ride between the last two monastaries and then back down to town with a lovely german couple.

How about a selfie at Delphi?

We arrived in Delphi yesterday afternoon a bit too late to visit the archeological site. We have a lovely hotel room, with a balcony and viewsIMG_20160405_144829
Of course the sun would be wrong as I post this and snapped the view.
The site was very good…as you would expect.
There were poppies blooming so I tried to catch some in my shots.IMG_20160405_090226
It is a very photogenic site, situated on a hillside.IMG_20160405_103918
Well worth the journey.

Chasing Charles in Athens

I am getting better for walking as the trip wears on, but I am usually like a woman of old.. several paces behind the man. One could do a where’s Waldo type thing in my pictures of my brother’s retreating back. IMG_20160402_152018just below the acropolis yesterday (turns out it closes at 3, so we couldn’t go till today)
IMG_20160403_133858at the acropolis today…etc.
.IMG_20160403_144345 We took the hop on/off bus today. We had done much of the same route on foot yesterday.IMG_20160402_143747 We went slowly yesterday and had a drink on the way uo the hill at a nice rooftop restaurant in the Plaka area which is full of tiny old streets.
The port is several kilometers from the city, so we hadn’t been yesterday. IMG_20160403_121859
It wad nice to see the Mediterranean Sea for the first time on this trip.

Arrived in Athens

After leaving Ohrid at 10.45 on a bus, we arrived back in Skopje at 3.05IMG_20160401_121435 Yes, we had to double back for political reasons. Macedonia and Greece both want the name, Greece has been vetoing Macedonia entering the EU because they think the name belongs to them. Due to this, bus/train service to Greece is very limited, so you have to go through Skopje. Apparently it is lucky we came south from Serbia to Cosovo. You can’t go the other way because Serbia doesn’t recognize Cosovo…it’s all fun and games…
Anyway we arrived in Skopje at 3.05 and took a bus to Thessaloniki in Greece, at 5 pm.IMG_20160401_165301
We got Thessaloniki at 9.30 pm and got on a train for Athens at 11 pmIMG_20160401_215600we were spit out of the train at 5 am and have landed in a not very nice hostel.