The Barbara Walker project turns two….

I can hardly believe how much of my life I have spent thinking about Barbara Walker this past two years. And I am sure she doesn’t know I exist. I got all my hats out of their storage bags and did a quick sort into things from the Barbara Walker Project and the leftovers. I did the sort from memory so forgive me if one or two things are not in the correct pile. This is my dining room table with the projects I have not given away that are made from the stitches from A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, and my chair aka “the command center” as Alan is wont to call it with the leftover hats I have designed, mostly from before I started the project.

The Barbara Walker Proect story thus far:

Chapter 2. Simple Knit-Purl Combinations. 65/67 stitches used
Chapter 3. Ribbings. 27/28 stiches used
Chapter 4. Color-Change Patterns. 78/78 stitches used. DONE
Chapter 5. Slip-Stitch Patterns. 48/48 stitches used. DONE
Chapter 6. Twist Stitch Patterns. 20/24 stitches used.
Chapter 7. Fancy Texture Patterns. 20/33 stitches used.
Chapter 8. Patterns Made with Yarn Over Stitches. 6/35 stitches used.
Chapter 9. Eyelet Patterns. 13/34 stitches used.
Chapter 10. Lace. 3/105 stitches used.
Chapter 11. Cables. 24/56 stitches used.
Chapter 12. Cable-Stitch Patterns. 14/30 stitches used.

Grand total: 318/538 stitches used. That’s 60% … oh well, at least I am more than half way. The book, as you can see is not in great shape, but this is ok as I only have to take the relevant bits with me, instead of the whole book.

…and p.s. after looking at the two piles, I may start calling myself a hat designer soon.

9 thoughts on “The Barbara Walker project turns two….

  1. NancyMac

    …going to call yourself hat designer….give your lovely, well covered head a shake woman…YOU ARE!!!! I doff my hat to you in admiration and complete awe!!! Well done and happy anniversary!

  2. Christine

    What an amazing commitment! And such incredible progress! (You are SO CLOSE to having 4 (or 5) chapters done!) I can’t wait to see those lace and cables start to flow!!

  3. Carole C.

    You are definitely a hat designer. Barbara Walker only supplied the stitches…you did ALL the rest. I hope you follow your dream and publish a book or two!


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