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Ok, let’s fire this puppy back up, Barbara

As usual, work put a stop to all other aspects of my life. I have been off for a couple of weeks now and have rebooted my social life. Thank goodness none of my friends seem to care that I drop off the face of the earth for 5 months a year. The social reboot included a trip to Toronto for a volunteer appreciation lunch. I think it is funny that I am considered a good volunteer for a city 450km from my house, but I am, after all, a Canadian so distance means nothing.

I never did post the hats that I made on my trip to eastern Europe in the spring. I couldn’t photograph them there, so I didn’t bother posting them. I started back to work 12 hours after arriving home and …you know the rest (summer time warp).

I actually quit knitting for about 4 months and didn’t know if I was going to ever start again, but my friend Lynda decided to retire (yikes), and so I had to knit her a shawl. I had given shawls to other friends on their retirement, so I couldn’t leave her hanging. It took 2 weeks to knit this shawl and it only used 2 stitches Minature Leaf Pattern, pg 215 and Arches and Columns, pg 196 …hats are a lot more work-efficient.

Lyndas shawl

Lynda’s shawl

Actually 19 front line staff retired altogether. The provincial government changed the retirement rules and we had a mass exodus. It will be interesting to see what comes about next year. It is a bucketload of expertise going out the door. Some are planning on returning part time, but it is a huge shakeup.

Using up some pretty scraps, Barbara

gillianknits.comI was sorting out my spare bits and pieces of the Cascade 220 and Cascade Bentley I have been using lately and this bunch of balls caught my eye, so I decided to do a hat with them.IMG_20160301_212527

I made a rookie mistake and the second band was puckering because the colour work and ribbing both pulled in. I took it back a couple of inches and did the decrease before instead of on the last row (from 108 stitches for the Eccentric Check, pg 80 to 100 stitches for the Little Shell Rib, pg 47).  I had started out at the bottom with 110 stitches on the ribbing and decreased 2 stitches to start the colour work.gillianknits.com

Every time I see my friend Jen from pottery school and we talk about my hats, I feel like I am not artistic enough with them, so the next hat ends up some weird shape.  I finished the hat while I was talking to Heather and I sent her a picture, she asked about the stitches.  Her comment was “that’s eccentric alright”.  To decrease at the top, I had two points of decrease for a very slow decrease.  The pattern had a natural decrease point where you reduce within the ribbing by doing a slip one, k2tog psso in the knitted part.  I just didn’t do the k1, p1, k1 in that stitch on the next row, I just knit it, then when I came back, I did a p3tog on top of it, then next row a p2tog to finish getting rid of the repeat.  I like to use the natural decreases in the pattern wherever possible because I feel it gives continuity.  I did the next decrease to the right of the previous  one each time until I had two repeats left at the top and did the finishing.  The top wouldn’t flop, like the Santa hat I did before Christmas. Stockinette had no integrity, so it folds easily.  When you have a lot of patterning, things get stiffer.gillianknits.com

Sorry about the pictures, but I had lost the light and this puppy ain’t getting any better tomorrow anyway.

Sometimes you just have to reboot the hat, Barbara

gillianknits.comHeather was home for reading week and I was bemoaning the fact that I thought the blog was much less interesting when I didn’t have her around to critique my hats.  I usually just have her father these days and the criticism I get from him runs to “ooh, I like that one” or ‘that’s terrific”.  He doesn’t like to offer opinion on colour or style.  In fairness, he did offer an opinion for the valentines hat, then I phoned my friend Rosemary and sent her a picture.  He got overruled.  Heather is much freer with her opinions, like the pink from the triple threat hats the other day, “it kind of makes me feel sick– like I ate too much cotton candy”.  Don’t hold back honey, tell me what you really think.  I did get an “I really like that hat” from her when the hat above was finished, so, yeah me.gillianknits.com

Sometimes I have to sell her on a concept.  Take this rainbow for instance.  I have always been a rainbow person.  I just love the pure colours and how nice it is to see one in real life.  We were in the wool store and she told me that rainbows were for children’s hats and I don’t do many children’s hats.  I don’t have any related children nearby, so I don’t have models.  Later, in the car, I said her cousin Ben had actually asked for the last rainbow hat I did, and he is ostensibly an adult.  At least the law school was willing to give him a degree and all.  She capitulated and I went back and bought the yarn.  This hat was pretty much a blast from my past.  Here is the sweater I was knitting when I was in labour with Jacob, 21 years ago.  (the rainbow was my idea…the pattern called for two colours in total)gillianknits.comNeedless to say the day he was born, many inches were ripped out and re-knit.  Also,when I was a field biologist in Algonquin park, we mapped the territories of White Throated Sparrows.  One of our biggest singers was banded with light blue over black colour bands, so I was thinking of this while I knit the black parts..gillianknits.com

This hat had totally not been working out.  I was at one of my local wool shops, Wool-Tyme a while ago and got a ball of Cascade Bentley from their discount bin.  I tried to do the hat with the Bentley in the background but I lost both the pattern and the pretty yarn.  I ripped this back and did the rainbow on this one and used the Bentley in the other hat.

STITCHES USED/DECREASE STRATEGY:  Blue/Rainbow …100 stitches of Lozenge Pattern, pg 29 then increased to 112 stitches (16 repeats) for the Gull Check, pg 78.  Decreasing four points of decrease.  Every fourth 7 stitch repeat was decreased completely to nothing over one 6 row repeat, then I moved on repeat to the right and decreased another 4 twice to 28 stitches and winged the final decrease.gillianknits.com

Purple/Bentley 99 stitches of Puff Rib, pg47.  This is a VERY loose rib and could have been done on fewer stitches.  It is not bad but quite loose.  Increased to 116 for the Linked Stripe Pattern, pg. 79.  Used 5 points of decrease and did (slip one, knit 2 together, psso) stacked above each other, every fourth row then every second row nearer the top.  In one place I had to not do the first two decreases because I only had 19 repeats, not 20 to start..gillianknits.com