After a relatively gruelling bus trip, we are in Cuzco

21 hours virtually nonstop.  I should know better than to try to take pictures from a moving bus but the scenery was so great I couldnt resist. image

Yesterday before we left we are in the bus station and they had a bilingual menu, so I took a picture for future referenceIMG_20151011_124201

They also had this handy dandy chart of fruits and veg…in alphabetical order no less.IMG_20151011_133846All we did today after we arrived is check into the hotel, then went for a bite to eat and went for a wander.  We went on a ‘free’ walking tour.  Nothing is free and we had trouble breaking away, sadly when we tried, they waited for us so we bought our way out at the next stop. It was only sort of interesting and he was very long winded and not very information dense.

We did go to a few interesting places.  Notice the pop bottle sprinklerIMG_20151012_153449 and the market designed by Mr Eiffel of tower fameIMG_20151012_155124

Most of the beautiful old buildings here seem to be sandstone more than coloured plaster IMG_20151012_161914

That is one building seen through an archway but I the light is hitting the top of the arch funny


We will probably go out for supper then go to bed early

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