I was a bit like a magpie, Barbara

gillianknits.comThe yarn was pretty and shiny, so I took it home….and made a hat.  I am having trouble getting the shine on the photographs.  I have taken it out in the sun, shined lights on it, etc.  All to no avail.  Take my word for it, it is shiny.

gillianknits.comAnd speaking of shiny, this is a picture of our front yard last night.  We had a small ice storm last week which turned things into a bit of a moonscape and the light from the street light across the road bounced off it.  I thought it looked kind of cool.


It is a one stitch wonder, Garter Stitch Zigzag, pg 28.  The pattern is somewhat lost in the busy yarn, but you can see a bit of the relief of the pattern.gillianknits.com


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