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One for my sister Penny, Barbara

gillianknits.comI made this on the weekend in Toronto and delivered it on the way home.  Penny didn’t approve any of the shots of her, so this is Alan in a girlie hat.  I cast on 102 and did an inch of Diagonal Ribbing, pg 45 before switching to Beaded Stripe Pattern, pg 71.  I put an extra big i-cord rose on top in fuschia (actually Orchid according to Patons).gillianknits.com

I took a picture of some hats and mitts on a beanbag chair at Penny’s and I thought it looked kind of cool.gillianknits.com


One for my Grandniece, Barbara


I cast on too few stitches and it became apparent that this could not be an adult hat without severely distorting the stitches.  I decided to end it early and make it a childs hat.  I swung by my niece Cate’s house and delivered it on my way out of town the other day.

Arya got a new hat...

Arya got a new hat…

I used 102 stitches and Striped Quilting Pattern, pg 72.  I used four points of decrease and decreased two stitches every other row three times in each 8 row pattern repeat.gillianknits.com

Winter has finally arrived, Barbara

Today from our upstairs window

Today from our upstairs window

Winter is just a couple of days late and a few dollars short for Christmas.  I have done some knitting over the holidays as I sat around with the extended family.   My sister Felicity is big into helping a Syrian refugee family settle into her home town.  They are knitting 8″ squares which will be made into afghans for the new arrivals.  I did a square using the Bowknot Stitch, pg 133.gillianknits.comWhen I made Laura her shawl on her birthday, she asked for a headband and picked out a couple of stitches from the cable chapter.  Getting up to the right stitches is one of the reasons I did so many cables on the Christmas hats.  The headband has a Plait Cable , pg 244 flanked by two Little Plait Cables, pg 245.

My sister Penny is Laura’s mother and I had given her a hat and mitt set a while ago.  She found the hat too big around the hat band part, so I made her a new one.  I did the band first using Inverted Gull Stitch flanked by two Gull Stitch repeats, pg 248.  I picked up from the top of the band and continued up in Yarn Over Check, pg 70 and finished it off with an i-cord rose.  The new hat is not an exact match to the mitts like the old one, but I hope it is close enough.

…btw I used Rickrack Pattern, pg 119 and Elongated Chain Cable, pg 246 on the last Christmas hat I showed on Christmas Day.  There was a lot going on when I was writing the post so I forgot.

Last of the Redblacks for a while, Barbara

gillianknits.comThis is the last of the three hats I worked on in Peru while I was on planes, trains and auto mobiles.  Although I was looking out the windows like a good girl most of the time.

I cast on 100 stitches and did a ribbing of sorts with Three and One Pattern, pg 94.  I find I am playing pretty fast and loose with the concept of ribbing these days to git ‘er done as we say at work.   I switched to  Zigzag Checks (pg 64), but I found it drew in too much so I ripped back and increased to 108, which, as you know, I am fond of for its decreasability (9 x12 and all the factors thereof).  I originally tried to lose one pattern every so often but I didn’t like the gaping effect.  Sorry about the picture but I just snapped it in available light before ripping out.IMG_20151019_191907

I also tried 5 points of double decrease but that looked pretty awful too.IMG_20151023_213139

So I settled on 9 points of decrease. It is an also ran hat.  Neither the best nor the worst I will ever make.  gillianknits.com

I made another hat in Peru Barbara


I took one ball of red and one of black to Peru with associated needles.  This is the second of three hats I made with them.  This hat was made with Belted Stripes, pg 64 and Close Stitch, pg 94.I cast on 108 and did Close Stitch for 1 1/2 inches.  I then switched to Belted Stripes and did 4 repeats.  I decided to decrease in the black parts because then I could keep the integrity of the pattern as much as possible.  The pattern has 9 garter stitch in red with 3 slipped stitches between.  I decreased to 6 garter stitch with 3 ss between, then 4 garter stitch with 2 ss between, then 2 garter stitch with 1ss between.  At this point I kept the same number of stitches until I could do a roll at the top., then decreased for the center of the top.  I turned it inside out and sewed the roll in place.gillianknits.com

I found that it was a bit too big, so I hemmed up the Close Stitch in halfgillianknits.com

Hey Barbara…I’m back…did you miss me?

gillianknits.comI cast on 102 sts. I am not sure what possessed me to think that Staircase Pattern, pg 65 might not curl.  I guess I thought maybe because of the two colours.  I thought wrong.gillianknits.com

It curled like a son of a gun, so I decided on my usual solution…make it reversible which corrals the edges of the piece and makes it straighten up and fly right.  New problem, what to put on the other side.  I texted my kids to get an opinion but wasn’t getting much answer.  At this point I was in the departure lounge heading for Peru and I needed a solution.  I decided on my skulls from way back when.  I looked up my very first post on this blog to figure it out and by the time I had got that taped, Heather had answered with #YOLO (you only live once).  I thought, wow, that works even with the skulls, actually they may make each other better, so I went ahead and did it.  I decreased to 100 stitches first. gillianknits.comI then did the main body of the hat with Double Woven Rib Stitch, pg 95.   I used 4 points of decrease and did a double derease each time (slip one k2tog psso)

Red and black, for Barbara…not me

gillianknits.com This hat actually looks better from a distance.  If you are too close, the middle patterns aren’t as distinct.  I have avoided the colour combination of red and black for decades because they were  the colours of my high school, which I hated with a passion.  Anyway, I do recognize the strength of the colour combo, even if I can’t like it personally.  It uses Basket Stitch (top and bottom) with Fancy Basket Pattern in between, both can be found on pg 63.  If I were to redo it, and i did briefly consider it, I would maybe do only the middle two sections of the Fancy Basket Pattern with wide red bands above and below.  This would look like arrows on a red field.gillianknits. om

Barbara’s Plaid is broken


I did the Fisherman’s Rib (pg 44) for a different hat, but changed my mind.  It kicked around on the needles for a week or so until I decided to do this.  The main stitch is Broken Plaid Pattern, pg 62.  The rib had 112 stitches in it and it is REALLY loose, but 112 (8 x 14) worked beautifully for the decreasing at the top.  If I were to do it again, the ribbing would have 100 stitches and then I would increase in the first pattern row to 112.

I am back on the i-cord roses from the second post on this blog with a vengeance.  Click on the link for instructions.

Yo, Barbara..could you kick Tim Gunn for me? Please.

gillianknits.comI get the pattern thing.  You can look at the picture and know what you are making.  I sometimes wish I could be happy with that.  It would simplify things, I would get to knit all day and most of the frustration would be gone.  I would know what it would look like before I started and I would just have to figure out who to give it to or how to sell it.  It was also easier back when I had all the Barbara Walker books and various other pattern libraries to choose from instead of just the next stitch in a chapter.  It constrains me and makes me want to hurry up and cram as many patterns per item as I can.  I knew I was going to be working with the Bavarian Block Pattern, pg 116 this time, mainly because I couldn’t figure out how to make it into something nice and I wanted to get past it, to nicer things….or at least I hope there are nicer things coming up.  I never look too far ahead because it is no use wishing if I am going to get through this.  And it looks like my obsessive streak is going to make me get through this.

I tried a couple of attempts at combinations of stitches to get rid of other “problems” at the same time…two birds with one stone and all that, but it just made it worse.  I decided in the end to make a narrower band which would go around the head horizontally.  This particular stitch cannot be done in the round, at least I am not sure that it would be the same stitch exactly if I did it in the round because you knit into the back of the stitch on the front and purl into the back of the stitch on the back.  I am not sure that knitting into the back on each round actually equates.  The ribbing on the right has a similar issue.  After I got enough to go round the head, I picked up and knit 110 stitches across one edge and modified the stitch to doing only 6 knit-into-back instead of 10 between the twist 2 cables.  I made a roll by joining back in on itself after 10 rows, then I did an 11 point decrease, loosing the 6 knit stitches first (alternately from either side), then the cables, then the rest of the stitches.  I then picked up along the other edge and did another roll and sewed the seam shut.

It may have behoved me to go to bed at this point and see what I thought in the morning, but no…it did not match my vision and I ripped the bottom roll out, leaving me with not enough yarn to finish it ANY way.

I made two attempts at a roll,the first was a twisting roll that had the twist-2 down the middle but it wasn;t working out so I took the second opton…a stuffed roll.gillianknits.com

A game of Space Invaders anyone? How about you, Barbara?

gillianknits.xomHeather asked for a Space Invaders hat that was rude inside and reversible.  At first I couldn’t wrap my head around doing these together, because I was stuck on the idea of the phalanx of space invaders one sees in the game. I thought I would have to split it into two hats for her, one with space invaders and one that was rude inside, so I figured out the pixelation that would fit on a hat and went with that.  I was unhappy with the middle set of invaders, they looked ok in my drawing but didn’t knit up well.  I thought the bottom and top ones looked close enough to the real thing for anyone who had played the game, but not the middle ones.  Back to the drawing board (or graph paper notepad in this case) I went and came up with better (more detailed) pixelations.

There are two distinct phalanxes, because each of the guys waves their arms and switches between two modes, so on the second hat I did each of the guys in each of their modes, plus the bonus spaceship.  You can see six of the seven invaders in the above two shots.  Below see Heather sporting her new hat…and her new tattoo peeking out from her shirt.

….and I made it rude inside as per her request… as my friend Jen said when she saw it in progress…it is totally NSFW on the inside.gillianknits.com

Oh yeah…and for the Barbara Walker project,  I used Diagonal Wave, pg 275, above the fold, because it is the same on both sides.